2. Go for a Walk or Exercise.

2. Go for a Walk or Exercise.

Hey Y'all,

This week, I want to talk about my least favorite E word. You know....


Makes you cringe right? 

I literally hate the mire thought of exercising. It’s hard for me. I think it’s hard for me because I have never been an active person. As a child, I did not play outside much. I rather had sat in the house and watched Jenny Jones…. Being very thin as a child until I was 22 years old, I never saw the need to be active. I felt I could eat what I want, when I want, while lying on the couch watching SVU, was the way things would always be. Whew chile, was I wrong. 

In more recent years, my weight has been very up and down. Sometimes more up than down…. In 2019 I made the conscious effort to keep my weight under 150 lbs. Tragically, once I hit 146 lbs, I WAS DONE WORKING OUT. LBVS

Recently, about a month into Quarantine, I noticed that I was eating a little bit TOO good. With all the meals and sweets being cooked in my house every other day, I was eating much more than I normally would. Along with eating a lot, I also started drinking a lot more than I normally would, while playing cards with my mom and chilling in the house with friends. We all know how that went…. I started to gain weight and was back at 150 lbs.

So, I decided to start being more active to maintain my weight. I first purchased Online Training from Treasure C., but I couldn’t start it right away. I needed to prep myself lol, this training was REAL TRAINING. So, I started by going for daily walks in my neighborhood to “warm up” my body. I picked an end location that was a mile away, so that I could walk a mile there and a mile back. Once I was able to do that consistently for a week, I was ready to start the training. The training was pretty easy to follow and 100% self-paced, which was a plus. I was able to do the workouts outside in front of my house, at the park, or in my bedroom without any issues at all. I went at this on a consistent basis for 6 weeks, 3 times a week. Additionally, I gradually increased the distance of my walks. By the end of the 6 weeks I was able to walk 2.89 miles, without getting sore. I lost 12 lbs, which is not much for that amount of time, but mind you, I was still eating all of the guilty pleasures at the house. I know, I know, but it was such a blessing to have all of those consistent home cooked meals. Quarantine freed up a lot of time. I wasn’t missing those meals for anything, not even this waist line….

Now, I am currently 138 lbs. Although I like the size that I am, I need to tighten up this gut and build this butt...

I saw on social media a few weeks ago, that Keyaira Johnson was offering Online Training. I had previously wanted to train with Keyaira, but it didn’t work out due to my lack of follow through. So, I signed up for the class online and later received an invoice for payment. All of the communications for the class were very clear and received by email. These communications included a Meal Guide, a complete overview of what to expect from the class/participant expectations, and an affordable equipment list. 

The class is held 2 days a week, via Zoom. She always starts on time and I love that in this class Keyaira requires for your camera to be on so that she can see you and your form. During the class if a movement is not being completed correctly, she will correct you by telling you the adjustment that needs to be made. During the entire class she is very motivating and encouraging from the beginning to the end. Honestly, this class kicks ASS. You can literally feel it half way through the class. She also holds you accountable for missing class, which I like and respect. Overall, this class is totally worth what I paid for it, and I would do it again. I genuinely feel like once I get myself to be consistent, I can lose this gut and build up this ass. 

I will check in at a later date and update y’all on my progress. Although I am not consistent with my workouts, this is a start for me. I am happy with the progress that I have made so far and I know that it will continue to improve. 

I hope that this blog can inspire other women to start somewhere with being active. Just something as simple as a walk can help to improve your physical and mental health. During these walks I like to talk with a friend on the phone, get lost in a book, listen to a podcast or listen to music. These things help to pass time and take my mind off the act of walking. Although I am not consistent and have poor eating habits, starting light got me off the couch. That’s the first step…. Once you complete the first step, the other steps seem to fall in line a lot easier….. 

Thanks you so much for reading. I'll talk to y'all next week.


Below, you can find links to both trainer websites. 


What are you doing to maintain/or lose weight? Share with me in the comments.



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Limitless Fitness, Owned by: Treasure C. 


PWERME Fitness, Owned by: Keyaira Johnson https://www.keyairajohnson.com 

Outfit in photo: Modern Behavior www.moderbhaviorboutique.com  

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