10 Ways to Self Care with K. Cole

10 Ways to Self Care with K. Cole

2020 has been tough.....

With everything going on in the world today, I find myself asking; What the hell is going on around here? With so much turmoil and tragedy right outside of our front doors, I have decide to focus on me a little, and take some extra time to take care of myself. Now is the perfect time to focus on Self Care and Mental Health. This list is composed of 10 ways that I address self care and preserve my mental health. Over the next 10 weeks I will focus on each individual self care idea and give the exclusive details of how I complete each idea. I will include product details, company locations and contact information, purchasing and appointment information and overall experience with the product/service. I will be using this time to bring attention to Black Owned Businesses that I enjoy spending my money with.


This will be a 10 week series of weekly blogs that will drop every Friday starting 10/16/2020


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**No Skin care lines please. Respectfully. I have found what works for me.**


(If you have been personally contacted about your Business being featured in this blog, please do not email me. I have already purchased your product/service for the discussed feature.)


Disclaimer: IF YOU REQUEST TO BE FEATURED, ALL ITEMS AND OR SERVICES MUST BE GIVEN FOR FREE. I have already purchased products/services/classes for these blogs. HOWEVER, the more the merrier. These blogs will be used as a platform to give good reviews on good products/services from Black Owned Businesses and Small Businesses. All blogs will be shared across social media to spread the love of the good experiences.  


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