1. Start a new skincare regimen.

1. Start a new skincare regimen.

Hey Y’all,

Today I will be telling you all about a new skincare regimen that I started to balance the appearance and feeling of my skin. This regimen has helped me gain more radiant, healthy-looking skin. While I still have some ways to go to fully meet my skin goals, I am pleased with the results that I have seen so far.

So, for a while now, my skin has been an issue… Ok, I’m down playing it. My skin has pretty much been an issue since I started puberty. I struggle a lot with my forehead/T-zone area being very oily. Due to this excess oil, my skin often goes through periods of breakouts. Although I have been to see a Dermatologist, the products prescribed did not fit into my lifestyle very well. What the Dermatologist didn’t tell me is that, the medications that were prescribed to me, cause the skin to thin. Due to skin thinning being a side effect, I was unable to get my brows waxed. So, you know that was DEAD soon after it started. 

I randomly came across Pretty Skintique on Facebook while watching the owner’s Facebook Story. I was originally attracted to the owner’s beautifully radiating skin and how she appeared with no filter in the video. I also seen that there was a sale going on at the time, so, I decided to check her out. 

The website was very easy for me to find on her Facebook page due to the amount of advertising that she has done. Once on the site, I found that it was very easy to navigate.

As mentioned, at the time of purchase, there was a sale going on so I was able to purchase the Facial Bundle for $31.50 + tax vs. the Regular Price of $45.00. The processing and shipping time for me to receive my order was within the policy's turnaround time specified on the site. This was a HUGE plus, since I hate when my packages take FOREVER to arrive. 

My first impression of the products was: “Wow. These are nice sized bottles.”

In the Facial Bundle I received 4oz Rose Oil, Rose Water, Facial Cleanser and Face Cleansing Brush w/attachments. Additionally, everything came in a cute customized box that had a thank you message printed on the top of the lid. Included inside was a Skincare Card, a Social Media Card, and a Business Card. 

I use the products in the morning and as directed per the Skincare Card included in the box. The Facial Cleanser is a foam, that works excellent with the cleansing brush. The brush is great for exfoliating and also has a smoothing and massage attachment. I did not need more of the product than directed, it was just enough. The Rose Water toner is very refreshing and soothing. The sprayer works well, covering my entire face. The Rose Oil is a nice consistency. NOT too greasy feeling. A little, goes a long way. All I need is a couple of drops for my face to be well covered and moisturized. The oil leaves my skin feeling smooth, replenished and provides a glowing finish. 

Along with starting a new skin regimen, I have been TRYING to make some changes to my diet. I have been increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables that I eat, as well as, increasing the amount of water that I intake. Although my daily water intake is an ongoing struggle, I am getting better and seeing some improvements with the more effort that I give. 

I also went to Hands on by Ranada for a Facial. I booked a 60-minute facial for $55.00. Ranada was very professional, polite, and knowledgeable during my service. When I arrived, I filled out a standard client form for medical and skin history. Before getting started, she asked me what type of music I preferred. Since she had some 90’s R&B playing, I told her to keep it right there.

She started the facial by reviewing my skin for the perfect products to use and steaming my face. She let me know that my skin is Dehydrated and that I should increase my water intake. She reviewed my current skin care routine with me and let me know that I was on the right track with the selected regimen. After giving me the skincare education, she allowed me to relax and while she did her thing. I would like to tell you all that she did, but she had me so calm and relaxed, I fell asleep honey lol. I CAN tell you that, I had some black heads in the corner of my nose that she was able to extract for me. This change was very noticeable when I first looked into the mirror as I have previously tried different methods to remove the blackheads before, with no luck. I was immediately happy with the results of the facial. My Skin appeared bright, smooth to touch and very hydrated. The recommendation provided by Ranada is that I come back once a month. I will definitely be back again. Overall, I would give this experience a 4.5 out of 5 for timeliness/professionalism, quality of service and overall experience. 

To complete the new skin journey, I got some new toys for my birthday. I created a weekly routine using these items, that I did a little homework on. I am hoping that they will help me with achieving my skincare goals, but only time will tell.

I will share the full routine in a future Update blog. But, I have included the link for each of the items below. 

I hope that you all have enjoyed this blog as much as I enjoyed putting all of this together. To show LOVE & SUPPORT to these ladies, below you will find all of the information that you should know about these two Black Female Owned Businesses. I have also included their purchasing/booking information.

Thank you so much for reading. I'll talk to y'all next week. 

As the Brand Ambassador for Pretty Skintique, they have given me a DISCOUNT CODE to share with my readers. 

USE CODE: K.Cole for 15% off your entire order.

Pretty Skintique-

About: Pretty Skintique LLC. is an independently Black Female owned and operated business. Based out of Minneapolis, MN. The owner, Taionna created this All-Natural Skincare line with all skin types in mind. All of our products are made with natural ingredients. 

“Our Mission is to inspire all individuals to feel pretty in the skin they’re in, by providing the perfect skincare regimen."

Shop our collection today to get the #TeamPretty experience.

Website: www.prettyskintique.com

Instagram: Prettyskintiquellc

Facial Bundle: https://prettyskintique.com/products/facial-bundle

I received this new box pictured below from Pretty Skintique this week. I will do a separate review of this box in a future Update blog post. 

Pretty Skincare Box: https://prettyskintique.com/products/pretty-skintique-bundles

Hands On by Ranada-

Hands On by Ranada is a Black Female owned business, Owned By Ranada King. Ranada is a Licensed Esthetician based out of Brooklyn Center, MN. She has a well decorated suite inside of 3260 County Rd 10 Suite D1 Brooklyn Center, MN 55429. 

Booking link: www.styleseat.com/m/v/ranadalyons

Instagram: hands_on_by_ranada

Birthday List:

Facial Steamer:  https://www.amazon.com/NanoSteamer-PRO-Professional-Humidifier-Blackheads/dp/B07HR13LGM/ref=sr_1_39?crid=F2FEB7KS88CM&dchild=1&keywords=facial+steamer&qid=1602834156&sprefix=facial+%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-39

Jade Roller set: https://www.amazon.com/TICLOS-Jade-Roller-100-Natural/dp/B076C669B8/ref=sr_1_102?crid=1RKNF7NPQHCW&dchild=1&keywords=jade+roller&qid=1602834210&sprefix=jade+%2Caps%2C173&sr=8-102

Ice Globes: https://www.amazon.com/Globes-Facial-Massagers-Smart-Massage-Neck,Eye-Puffiness/dp/B07RXWTHCL/ref=sr_1_6?crid=10JLXH1WEOQ9L&dchild=1&keywords=ice+globes+for+facials&qid=1602834540&sprefix=ice+globes%2Caps%2C163&sr=8-6

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Thanks for sharing. Your skin is always so beautiful and radiant. I’ve been thinking I definitely need a regimen. I’ll give these products a try! Salute! 😘

Mikal Harris

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